What is Government?

The 2 general definitions of Government are

1. The governing body of a nation, state, or community.
2. The system by which a nation, state, or community is governed

Before you support something you should totally know what it
is and what its purpose is right? So what is a government and what is its
purpose? Great question. Is it for us as an individual? Is it by us as citizens?
Usually a great way to sum up a  government is, It’s a group of paid for and elected people who when in power usually promote and push their own, or the people who got them there, agendas.

They regulate us with taxes and laws and provide a majority of direction for a
national infrastructure. But they are quick to take and almost never to give
back. First of all the financial part of our government is a joke. It’s a scam.
The Federal Reserve loans money it solely prints to our government and is its
own privately owned institution and demands interest back on any money loaned
to the American government. So to put it more simply they give out a dollar and
expect a 1.50 back. So where does that money come from when the Federal Reserve
is the only institution making the money? Answer is they print more to give to
the government to pay back and it’s a spiraling downward circle of debt.  It’s a banking scam!

So I guess a better question would be if we are dumping our income tax money in the government and they are paying back the Federal Reserve, even if they paid back every dime they loaned they would still owe interest right? Where would that extra money
come from? It’s a Failed system that will just continue to get worse when we
allow our own government to have its own privately owned bank that doesn’t have
to follow our laws and has never and will never be audited. they are just
asking for corruption and no one cares? Or do you?

Here is a great back story of our own government and those abroad. I definetly recomment reading this.


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Enjoy what you do

This is the most important and simple thing to keep in mind while your searching for that thing to do with your life. Do you think Michael Jordan got
into basket ball because he decided he needed benefits and to pay the bills.
NO!! He loved what he did and pursued as hard as he could. This is an important
life lesson. No one in skateboarding thought they were going to make a dime
doing it they just loved it. Do what you love. Few people get rich and even
when they do a majority of those people hate their jobs/lives and work every
hour of their life doing something they boarder line hate. Do what you enjoy.
Don’t worry about the money just do what you do better than anyone else. I
promise you will live a more fulfilling life in a shack doing something you
enjoy instead of in a mansion alone and plugging away at something you hate.
Doing something you love could be as general as sales, which are the most
lucrative job in America, but just make sure you like it. It’s not worth the
success if you have to keep doing something you hate doing. We spend most of
our lives asleep and at work so invest in a great mattress and do something you
enjoy doing!!!

Money will never buy you happiness. You will just continue
spending more as you make more and feel less and less complete. I know the
happiest I’ve ever been is when I’m spending my days doing something I’m
passionate about and can actually enjoy. I think we all chase this dream but it’s
scary to just do what you enjoy.

Obviously if you enjoy eating chips on a couch while watching Jerry Springer
there seems like no opportunity in doing so. But if you think about it there
are plenty ways to apply these skills and make a buck. Maybe pick up a computer
while you’re sitting on that couch and start free lance writing or cold calling
sales on reducing people payments on home loans or any other countless phone
sales, who knows unless you try the answer will always be the same. Both of
these can turn out to be very lucrative jobs that will probably produce a
better result if you actually meet face to face with someone. So juggle both. Call
the person from your couch while in your PJ’s and schedule a time to meet w
them later and that’s when you’ll have the ability to sell them. If you’re not
a great sales person then team with someone who is and have them be the face of
the company while you build the infrastructure. Part of being a great business
person is knowing your individual strengths and weakness’. At least at this
point you’ve still started doing something you love doing and are headed down
the right path. What do you enjoy doing?

If your not sure where to start here is a great website that lays out a plan. Good luck!


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Business Plan Designed by the Richest Man in the World.

Carlos Helu posted this up on his website. He recently became the richest man in the world beating Bill Gates and many others for the top spot. I think there is a lot of wisdom in these words so I wanted to post them for everyone to read. Again I challenge you to think for yourself and apply some of these strategies you think might work in your life!

  1. Create an organizational
    structure with simple, minimal hierarchies; provide personal development and
    in-house training for executives; maintain flexibility and a rapid
    decision-making capability; leverage the advantages of a small company and use
    these to grow and excel.
  2. Maintaining austerity
    in good times strengthens, profits and accelerates the development of the
    company, and averts the bitterly drastic adjustments in times of crisis.
  3. Stay focused on
    modernization, growth, training, quality, simplification and the continuous
    improvement of production processes. Increase productivity and competitiveness,
    reduce costs and expenses by using global benchmarks.
  4. Companies should never
    be limited by the size of the owner or manager. Do not be a big fish in a small
    pond. Minimize investment in non-productive assets.
  5. There is no challenge
    that we cannot overcome by working together with clear objectives and knowing
    the tools we have at our disposal.
  6. Money that leaves the
    company evaporates; this is why we reinvest profits.
  7. Corporate creativity is
    not only applicable to business, but also to solving many of society’s
    problems. This is what we do through the Group’s Foundations.
  8. All times are good
    time for those who know how to work and have the tools to do so.
  9. Firm and patient
    optimism always yields its rewards.

Here is the website so you can do your homework.


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Politics as a Sport.

When the world powers turn into glorified Sports teams and
we praise their war victories or “justified deaths” then we are involving ourselves
in a dangerous game we can’t win. What happened to diplomacy? What happened to justice and due process? If they start taking all that away from even the worst criminals
they will from you and me as well.

When and how does it stop? What happened to strategically going in and capturing the bad guy? It’s not like we’re un-capable we’ve been the best at doing this for
years.  Fighting against an enemy who wants to die like Osama Bin Laden and his cause there is no victory. So instead of seeking better solutions we lower ourselves to their level and the American people are the ones who have already paid the cost of war both financially and by losing the lives of our soldiers and innocent people abroad. We will
continue to lose while our own government officials want to cut back domestic
spending and increase military and foreign spending. Does any of this make
sense to people?

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Job Market failing again but our we partly to blame??

Job pickiness has to be one of the worst problems we face today.
To many people complaining about not being able to find work but they won’t
apply to the places people need them. Everyone wants the least amount of work
for their paycheck thinking thats how they win. The real answer is there is no
winning for the lazy just the crushed dreams that have been followed by little
to no action. I will continue to say this, we live in a free market where the
possibilities are endless but you have to go out there and get the opportunity
you want!! It will not fall in your lap. I’ll be completely honest here in
saying I’ve applied for over a thousand jobs in the last couple years with very
little success. But I have also been offered some opportunities that I passed up,
one at a car dealership and another selling insurance. It is truly important to
do something you enjoy but I fortunately didn’t need these jobs to survive. If
I had of you better believe I would be doing both if I could. These would have
been stepping stones however to get me where I wanted to go not just a dead end
opportunity where I felt trapped day in and day out.

Another situation I found interesting is I couldn’t pass the
employee assessment to even get a job at Wal Mart. I took the test just to take
it but was flabbergasted by the results. Even Wal Mart didn’t want a 25 year
old business owner who hasn’t gone a day past 14 without employment. Pretty
interesting if you ask me. Maybe they thought I was over qualified? But who is
to say that and what if I just needed something to get by and feed my family?
So what if I’m over qualified, wouldn’t that mean I was the best person for the
job with the highest chance of growth in a company? Maybe I’m the insane one
looking at this wrongly but I don’t think so.

Hey if you need to work at Taco Bell to pay your bills then go
apply! There is nothing wrong with working somewhere while on the journey to
bigger and better things. Why just stand around and continue to hurt your
chances of employment. Even in the news this morning there was an article about
how many positions are open for caregivers and truck drivers and they are
having trouble finding people to fill these positions. That is out of control!
I don’t care what opportunities are out there what gives a person the right to
think they are better than driving trucks to contribute to society. Sad day
when someone would rather sit at home than put in an honest day’s work and from
the looks of it many people are choosing this route. What is their motivation
however when we have social programs that actually pay them to do this.

 So tell me what you think:
What job would you be willing to take or have you taken to feed your family or
yourself? As I always say please educate yourself on these facts and take them
to heart. Ask yourself the right questions and take a stand in some way for
what you feel is right. Either way here are the facts, you decide.

Yahoo and Google are both great place to snag some info just be careful and make sure you back up anything you read with mutiple sources.


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Don’t Get Discouraged!!


If there is anything I have learned in my own business experience this would be right at the top!

Don’t be afraid of failure because you will fail, many times probably. I know I have and everytime I do I’m enriched by the experience. What I do is take a step back and see what worked and what didn’t and re-adjust my thinking acting upon the working and moving away from the not. When I lost my job due to the recession and bad business decisions from the powers that be in the corporation I used to work for I couldn’t waste my time worrying about things I couldn’t change. Instead I had to take what I’d learned and start a new process. At first it was tough and took a lot of work but eventually I was able to fully inact my own process based on what I knew worked and leaving out the negative things I knew wouldn’t. Which has proven greatly successful. The biggest key through this whole thing was my strive to stay positive and not let the failure of loosing my job affect where I wanted to be in my own life.

Through failure we have a unique opportunity to do some hands-on learning. Trial and error is more valuable than anything you will ever read and/or be taught in a classroom. If you write these failed experiences down imagine how much you could learn from them. The point is to pursue what you want to do and who you want to be and realize that failure is part of the human existence and inevitable. The awesome thing is after one failure you don’t have to keep making the same mistake so in orther words the worst is over right after a failure becuase then you can be out with the old process that failed and in with a new and better one. If your confused why you failed do some research. Sometime that takes a lot of time but the result will be worth its wheight in gold. Don’t get discouraged because as they say, “what doesn’t break you makes you”!!

So don’t forget your failures don’t define you but are just another step to where you want to be.

Here is a great link with 15 ways to stay positive at work. Try to implement these not only at work but in everything you do. A little positivity goes a long way.


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Where’s all the money going??

So I guess before I go off about the Government and Federal Reserve anymore just please do it for you and educate yourself. Don’t you owe it to yourself to see where your tax money is going? Do you really know?

Think analytically about what’s going on around you and do some math. See for yourself how much taxes you pay. How much local businesspays and how much major corporations pay. Get out the calculator and start crunching numbers. I think you’ll find it’s skewed and always has been. Mostly draining what’s left from the middle class’s wallet and giving huge breaks to major corporations. Don’t get me wrong I think there are always exceptions and every issue should be looked at un biased and as an individual issue. But find out for yourself all the info is out there for us to see. But just seeing the information isn’t enough we have to then take action. Start
feeling genuine emotions based off real facts. Don’t fall victim to the norm
and be “Over opinionated and under educated” then no citizen wins except the educated corporations and politicians that unfortunately are winning by a landslide.

Start asking the right questions. I would definetly say, “where is all the money going” would be a great place to start.

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