Where’s all the money going??

So I guess before I go off about the Government and Federal Reserve anymore just please do it for you and educate yourself. Don’t you owe it to yourself to see where your tax money is going? Do you really know?

Think analytically about what’s going on around you and do some math. See for yourself how much taxes you pay. How much local businesspays and how much major corporations pay. Get out the calculator and start crunching numbers. I think you’ll find it’s skewed and always has been. Mostly draining what’s left from the middle class’s wallet and giving huge breaks to major corporations. Don’t get me wrong I think there are always exceptions and every issue should be looked at un biased and as an individual issue. But find out for yourself all the info is out there for us to see. But just seeing the information isn’t enough we have to then take action. Start
feeling genuine emotions based off real facts. Don’t fall victim to the norm
and be “Over opinionated and under educated” then no citizen wins except the educated corporations and politicians that unfortunately are winning by a landslide.

Start asking the right questions. I would definetly say, “where is all the money going” would be a great place to start.


About thebobsblog

I am a 25 year old business owner who has a loving family and many goals. I constantly believe in my ability to keep learning and treat every experience as a great stepping stone. I love my family with all my heart and would do anything for them. This blog is just another stepping stone of learning through conversations.
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