Job Market failing again but our we partly to blame??

Job pickiness has to be one of the worst problems we face today.
To many people complaining about not being able to find work but they won’t
apply to the places people need them. Everyone wants the least amount of work
for their paycheck thinking thats how they win. The real answer is there is no
winning for the lazy just the crushed dreams that have been followed by little
to no action. I will continue to say this, we live in a free market where the
possibilities are endless but you have to go out there and get the opportunity
you want!! It will not fall in your lap. I’ll be completely honest here in
saying I’ve applied for over a thousand jobs in the last couple years with very
little success. But I have also been offered some opportunities that I passed up,
one at a car dealership and another selling insurance. It is truly important to
do something you enjoy but I fortunately didn’t need these jobs to survive. If
I had of you better believe I would be doing both if I could. These would have
been stepping stones however to get me where I wanted to go not just a dead end
opportunity where I felt trapped day in and day out.

Another situation I found interesting is I couldn’t pass the
employee assessment to even get a job at Wal Mart. I took the test just to take
it but was flabbergasted by the results. Even Wal Mart didn’t want a 25 year
old business owner who hasn’t gone a day past 14 without employment. Pretty
interesting if you ask me. Maybe they thought I was over qualified? But who is
to say that and what if I just needed something to get by and feed my family?
So what if I’m over qualified, wouldn’t that mean I was the best person for the
job with the highest chance of growth in a company? Maybe I’m the insane one
looking at this wrongly but I don’t think so.

Hey if you need to work at Taco Bell to pay your bills then go
apply! There is nothing wrong with working somewhere while on the journey to
bigger and better things. Why just stand around and continue to hurt your
chances of employment. Even in the news this morning there was an article about
how many positions are open for caregivers and truck drivers and they are
having trouble finding people to fill these positions. That is out of control!
I don’t care what opportunities are out there what gives a person the right to
think they are better than driving trucks to contribute to society. Sad day
when someone would rather sit at home than put in an honest day’s work and from
the looks of it many people are choosing this route. What is their motivation
however when we have social programs that actually pay them to do this.

 So tell me what you think:
What job would you be willing to take or have you taken to feed your family or
yourself? As I always say please educate yourself on these facts and take them
to heart. Ask yourself the right questions and take a stand in some way for
what you feel is right. Either way here are the facts, you decide.

Yahoo and Google are both great place to snag some info just be careful and make sure you back up anything you read with mutiple sources.


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I am a 25 year old business owner who has a loving family and many goals. I constantly believe in my ability to keep learning and treat every experience as a great stepping stone. I love my family with all my heart and would do anything for them. This blog is just another stepping stone of learning through conversations.
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