Enjoy what you do

This is the most important and simple thing to keep in mind while your searching for that thing to do with your life. Do you think Michael Jordan got
into basket ball because he decided he needed benefits and to pay the bills.
NO!! He loved what he did and pursued as hard as he could. This is an important
life lesson. No one in skateboarding thought they were going to make a dime
doing it they just loved it. Do what you love. Few people get rich and even
when they do a majority of those people hate their jobs/lives and work every
hour of their life doing something they boarder line hate. Do what you enjoy.
Don’t worry about the money just do what you do better than anyone else. I
promise you will live a more fulfilling life in a shack doing something you
enjoy instead of in a mansion alone and plugging away at something you hate.
Doing something you love could be as general as sales, which are the most
lucrative job in America, but just make sure you like it. It’s not worth the
success if you have to keep doing something you hate doing. We spend most of
our lives asleep and at work so invest in a great mattress and do something you
enjoy doing!!!

Money will never buy you happiness. You will just continue
spending more as you make more and feel less and less complete. I know the
happiest I’ve ever been is when I’m spending my days doing something I’m
passionate about and can actually enjoy. I think we all chase this dream but it’s
scary to just do what you enjoy.

Obviously if you enjoy eating chips on a couch while watching Jerry Springer
there seems like no opportunity in doing so. But if you think about it there
are plenty ways to apply these skills and make a buck. Maybe pick up a computer
while you’re sitting on that couch and start free lance writing or cold calling
sales on reducing people payments on home loans or any other countless phone
sales, who knows unless you try the answer will always be the same. Both of
these can turn out to be very lucrative jobs that will probably produce a
better result if you actually meet face to face with someone. So juggle both. Call
the person from your couch while in your PJ’s and schedule a time to meet w
them later and that’s when you’ll have the ability to sell them. If you’re not
a great sales person then team with someone who is and have them be the face of
the company while you build the infrastructure. Part of being a great business
person is knowing your individual strengths and weakness’. At least at this
point you’ve still started doing something you love doing and are headed down
the right path. What do you enjoy doing?

If your not sure where to start here is a great website that lays out a plan. Good luck!



About thebobsblog

I am a 25 year old business owner who has a loving family and many goals. I constantly believe in my ability to keep learning and treat every experience as a great stepping stone. I love my family with all my heart and would do anything for them. This blog is just another stepping stone of learning through conversations.
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