What is Government?

The 2 general definitions of Government are

1. The governing body of a nation, state, or community.
2. The system by which a nation, state, or community is governed

Before you support something you should totally know what it
is and what its purpose is right? So what is a government and what is its
purpose? Great question. Is it for us as an individual? Is it by us as citizens?
Usually a great way to sum up a  government is, It’s a group of paid for and elected people who when in power usually promote and push their own, or the people who got them there, agendas.

They regulate us with taxes and laws and provide a majority of direction for a
national infrastructure. But they are quick to take and almost never to give
back. First of all the financial part of our government is a joke. It’s a scam.
The Federal Reserve loans money it solely prints to our government and is its
own privately owned institution and demands interest back on any money loaned
to the American government. So to put it more simply they give out a dollar and
expect a 1.50 back. So where does that money come from when the Federal Reserve
is the only institution making the money? Answer is they print more to give to
the government to pay back and it’s a spiraling downward circle of debt.  It’s a banking scam!

So I guess a better question would be if we are dumping our income tax money in the government and they are paying back the Federal Reserve, even if they paid back every dime they loaned they would still owe interest right? Where would that extra money
come from? It’s a Failed system that will just continue to get worse when we
allow our own government to have its own privately owned bank that doesn’t have
to follow our laws and has never and will never be audited. they are just
asking for corruption and no one cares? Or do you?

Here is a great back story of our own government and those abroad. I definetly recomment reading this.



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