Success Baby!!!

Doesn't it sound sweet!

Say it out loud and see how good that sounds. Now to represent this I simply put a baby with the word success next to it. So either way you see the connection and hopefully it made you smile a bit. Little did you know that smile is a great step towards that success you are craving. A little positivity goes a long way when you talking about being successful in business.

How would you like to never work another day in your life? This is a definite possibility and very obtainable considering we live in a free market and the earning potential is only limited by how much money is in circulation. You can even accomplish this financial success through team building. The more you ensure you have the right people doing the right jobs the more you can take hands off approach, which is something we should all strive for. In fact a philosophy most business’s lack is that if you can teach someone else to do the same job you do, but actually can teach them to do it better, you will reach a level of success un-paralleled in the work force today. This is called successful management and training which turns out to be very rewarding. You will be offering a person the opportunity of success through your training and in turn capitalize on the investment of training that person in the first place.

Let’s start with the internal search for success. You have to know what you want, realizing it is going to be a lot of work to obtain your goals, and go after it. These things don’t come overnight that’s why the education and certification system is so successful. Most people need serious direction and education to obtain what they want in life. So set your goals within your ability and start educating yourself so you can understand every step of the process you need to go through to obtain these goals. My questions is wouldn’t it be worth it to pursue your goals, live your dreams and stand a chance of being successful than to procrastinate and miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime? If you want to do something then go after it, I promise it’s that simple at first then you just need to start taking smart actions. If you don’t know what to do next ask. There are a lot of literature and helpful tips on the internet so get to searching. Ever heard of a fancy search engine by the name of google?? The process and the steps to get there may be very challenging and seem impossible at times but you know that when you pay your dues and continue down the path to success you are going to get to the end no matter how hard the struggle was. In fact the harder the struggle the better success will feel in the end.

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With Great Money Comes Great Power, an insight into the Federal Reserve and the power they hold.

This is a great and commical representation of what will happen without the production of money being regulated.

This is only one of many blogs I am sure to write about the Federal Reserve. Please keep in mind I can only cover so much in a short blog that needs to keep your attention, so I’m sure there is plenty of information out there on this subject that I encourage you to obtain. In fact at the bottom I put some links just to get you started.

Let’s jump right into it. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned bank that is the sole producer of paper money here in the US. They then loan this paper money to the federal government and expects an interest back on every dollar printed. Sounds like a scam to me. Have you ever heard of the bank losing in the hugely successful parker brothers board game monopoly? No, of course they can’t lose because they control the amount of money in circulation. The problem with that is when they introduce more money in the economy to benefit themselves they cause inflation which in turn hurts the consumer, or in other words us. In fact the Federal Reserve has never even been audited once that doesn’t sound right when you think about how thats where our tax dollars go. Alan Greenspan who was the former chairman of the Federal Reserve went on national television on Larry King Live and told everyone the Federal Reserve was not in any way affiliated with the Federal Government and their personal relationship with government officials was no one’s business. He went on to say that the bank didn’t have to follow any US law and that the amount of money they could print was un-regulated by anyone. So you’re telling me the only place that prints the US dollar isn’t controlled by the US government? In fact the Federal Reserve holds the right to print as much or as little money as they want. Money printed isn’t even backed by anything anymore it is only “legal tender”, which means there is nothing backing your money if it was to become invaluable, which has happened to other countries many times over history. Sounds like a great way to control the board to me. See if you think there are any alternative motives.

Don’t take my word for it though. As I always say what matters is what you think so take some time and educate yourself on the subject. I promise you there is a lot of information out there on these subjects. Here are some great places to start. (YouTube has many great documentaries on these subjects so see what you can find just make sure you are getting your information from a credible source).

Aaron Russo – Freedom to Fascism and Mad as Hell

The Obama Deception


The list goes on and on but you have to do your own research. If you find something important and credible that I have missed add it to my blog. This was we can keep moving towards a great and informational resource for people who care about what is going on in our world.

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Great Local Discussion on Red Light Cameras

Photo Courtesy of Bobby Stone

No matter what your thoughts are on the local red light cameras here in Longview, WA (or anywhere else in the world) here are the facts in our area:

* Voters turned down this idea 2 times before the city council decided to do it anyways

* Even after the city council did install and start using the cameras the citizens of Longview signed a petition to reverse the idea of the cameras and get them taken down. Which the city council has agreed to only take as advisory and will not have to act upon it.

* The city of Longview rents these cameras from a private camera company. They are in at least a 12 month contract for the cameras and the rent is set at 57,000 a month.

* Longview has lost money so far but expects to make it back over the long run.

* Check out the Daily News website for more facts and information on this matter at the link below.

So now that you have the facts here are some opinions I grabbed off Facebook (were using random letters to let you know when different people are talking but still protecting privacy).

Either way I would say there is a resounding pattern I notice here which is people mostly agree that our elected politicians, even locally, are in it for themselves.

But more importantly, What do you think?

Red Light Cameras in Longview. Any opinions? Facts? Jokes? Just curious if anyone cares about this…..

JP In my opinion, people shouldn’t run red lights.

JP: ‎1. Because it’s illegal, 2. Because it is dangerous, 3. Because now they will have cameras that will catch you.

BK: Hmmm interesting. I’m not so convinced it’s that black and white but still I’m glad you actually have an opinion on the subject.

BD: They aren’t 100%, not to mention they’re putting people out of work.

BD: Dumb idea, big waste of money.

BK: Also interesting. And it is a proven fact they have lost the city money. Longview pays out almost $60,000 a month renting those things.

ZA@BD: how is a camera putting someone out of work? if anything someone has to go through them now lol?? longviews money hungry though @JP i agree with your 3 thumbrules

JP: Are they reporting less red lights being ran? Or are they trying to ticket more people? I am not sure that money is the issue; it is preventing people from running through a red light.

BD: The camera’s are replacing Police Officers… that’s how. For 60,000 a month, they could hire 5+ police officers for the city.

JP@BD: not even birth control is 100%

BD:  You truly believe it’s about red lights? It’s about money, like everything else.

JP:  And I am sure they would prefer that police officers bust meth addicted people, not get stuck doing traffic stops

ST:  i feel we got jipped. We didn’t vote them in. they can’t do that. Theres a petition going around to have them removed.

JP:  Raise your hand if you like being pulled over, I’d rather get a ticket in the mail

ZA:  but that’s not even putting people out of work thats using a budget on tools? nobodys lost jobs because someone had to put up a camera? i agree in the sense it’s about money obviously everything is. but i dont think they PUT anyone out of work

BK:  I guess the way I see it is that Birth Control isn’t made manditory by the city though. When did having the ability to make a personal choice go out the window, whether its breaking the law or something simple.

JP: I do agree that $60k a month is excessive

BK: I tend to agree with Brock in that most things, especially political issues can tie back to money

BD:  By “put people out of work” I don’t mean people being fired… with unemployment the way it is, they should be doing anything that promotes jobs.

JP: Police officers make 60-70k a year, they could employee 10-12 more officers to crack down on traffic stops.

JP: The idea is good, but it isn’t practical.

ZA: you expect them to pay out a salary with that? 60k a year would employ one officer.

BD@ZA:  it’s 60k a month kid.

BK: We also definetely didn’t vote them in. In fact we voted them out and said no way 2 times. Then they did it anyways. Now they are saying they will only make our petition advisory. So even if we vote it out a third time they will only take the advice and do it anyways. Seems like a break down in the system when city council just starts doing whatever they feel is best. Isn’t that for us to decide

JP:  I am guessing that the cost for renting the cameras is probably 5-10k a month and they are using the rest of the money else where

ZA: im saying 60k a month is not a solid number,, who the fuck said that

BK@JP:  they published the cameras are costing the city 57000 in rent a month. Thats a fact.

JP:  Yeah, I don’t doubt that is the reported cost.

JH:  im not a big fan of the cameras because the person who owns the car shouldnt be responsible for paying a ticket that someone alse got while driving the car. i got one in the mail issued in my name when it wasnt me. they dont care about that. the ticket goes to the owner of the car.

ZA:  i dont think 60k a month for cameras is a LEGIT figure. fuck that shit longview has a broke ass budget already who actually believes this shit?

JP:  But what they publish is a figure, I doubt they will use all of that money towards cameras. Politicians are shady

BD:  Lmao, Longview has 50,000 people paying taxes, 60k is well within Longview’s budget.

ZA:  it might be, do you have proof that they actually spent it there though is what it comes down too

BK:  No I’m saying they are paying this company that amount of money. Our money lol becuase their money is our taxes at work. When did they get the ability to just spend it the way they please? Especially spend it on something we directly said no to. Personally I think we need to be a little more black and white with city council. If you go against the voters it should be a crime.

JP: How far would 60k go in schools these days

BD:  No doubt James. They’re cutting the Auto Shop class at Mark Morris because of “budget cuts”.

BK: No thats a great point but isn’t 57000 a month a large enough number we shouldn’t just let them put it wherever. I guess it all comes down to your values. Schools would be a great start, maybe roads? I hit a pot hole so big yesterday it broke off my hubcap.

MF:  half the police force sits at starbucks chattin it up during the night….. atleast the cameras are doing there job (;

BK: Also the are getting rid of 16 teaching positions next year due to budget cuts. I’m just saying I think there are some serious issues here.

MF: not saying our police are bad just kind of a funny thing me and my friends notice

BK@JH: I agree but personally that just shows me that it is primarily about money and not necessarily about doing the right thing. They don’t care who they catch breaking the law just that they catch someone and have the ability to fine them.

JP:  If the ticket for running a red light was $275, the lights would have to catch 7 people a day running red lights. Just to break even.

JH:  your right bob the roads around here are getting pretty torn up. some road work would be a great way to spend some of that dough. and schools for sure

BK: I just think at this point there is so much controversy and the city council is pushing these cameras so hard on us that we really need more transparency in this issue and need to make sure this is all done with the citizens in mind and not… the city councils pocket books, if thats what is happening. Either way I can’t forget that we voted these out 2 times and they did it anyways, and now were fighting it and they are still saying we are going to do what we want. Sounds pretty corrupt to me.See More

MB: I say BSSSSSSS! and get this…my landlord is in the city council and voted FOR the cameras! Ugh

BK: you should post up her address and phone# so we can all contact her asking what gives her the right to go against the people who put her in power in the first place. Or at least give her some real opinions from the people this is affecting which is all of us. If City Council won’t listen to our votes and petitions we have a serious problem.

MB: Its all a little too BIG BROTHER for me…..

BD: I say we have a riot… pitchforks, shovels, and all!

BK: Another great point. If for some weird reason they needed to regulate who was using the road this would be a great way. Gives the city a lot of power on who is using the streets. For example if they didn’t want you out after a certain time …they could fine anyone using the main roads. Seems extreme but weirder things have happened and we need to know what the true motive is here. Which again I ask why are they doing this even though we are screaming we don’t want it!See More

MB: A slippery slope…I agree! Where does it end?

BK: I think a riot for the right reasons is sometimes the only thing that will make sure the people we appointed actually have us in mind and know that without our support they shouldn’t have any power at all.

BH: Dude, I’ve always wanted to be involved in a riot… a not so violent one of course. Back in the old days when the Government tried to play King, the people just overthrew them with force.

BK: Honestly I’m surprised there hasn’t been anyone just go out as a voting citizen and take one or all of them down and leave them out in front of city councils doorstep. No cameras, no issue. Not sure if its that simple though.

BK: Thats excately right Brock. In fact our right to bear arms is given to us so we have the ability to rise up against the government in case they become to corrupt. Its written that way in our constitution.

BK: Ok so you obviously didn’t read any of the discussion before posting your opinion on the matter. I will give you one more chance to look into this issue a little more before you just try and make a point that we’ve already dis credited. And… the real issue is they are directly going against voters, who are us. They don’t care what we think about the issue and thats wrong becuae they are there to represent the people who voted them there in the first place.See More

LC: agreed. and I didn’t read the comments, I wasn’t about to read 55 comments. I probably shouldn’t have added input as well. apologies. I was just going off of a news paper article I read about it months and months and months ago.

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Under Educated and Over Opinionated

It is very important if not the most important thing to be well educated in a subject before you start forming an opinion. Opinions mean nothing without some valid and credible information to back them up. They serve no purpose except to provide comfort through percieved understanding to people who fear the fact that they will not and never could possible understand everything. People love the “quick fix” method that I believe comes from the instant gratification we get from many social medias. Every problem has a solution within 30 min to an hour and we relate this to how quickly we want to experience things. Unfortunately many things are not so black and white that they can have a quick fix. We really need to keep digging and keep learning in order to form educated opinions that have validity, substance, and most importantly truth. But its not enough for me to publish this it means more if people conversate about it. So what are your thoughts…….

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Coming closer to truths

So here it is. My debut on the world-wide web. Well past the magical Facebook and MySpace journeys that always end the same. In boredom. Well lets see how this goes, I’m pumped to share a little more about my life and my realizations that I’ve come across in my life. I’m not here to educate, set an example, change the way you think, or anything of that nature. Some of these discussions may be uncomfortable for some poeple but thats the kind of thinking that holds us back. Sometimes we have to jump out of our comfort bubble to actually see whats on the other side of that bubble no matter how comfortable the cold hard truth may be. I’m just here to add my 2 cents, and hopefully get yours in exchange, into this never-ending rhetoric between people that hopefully leads us closer to the truth that we all seek in our lives. Maybe together we can find out something exciting and useful  in all aspects of things. Good luck and Thanks for the support, I hope you enjoy reviewing these issues with me.

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